Sport Glide

The Harley Davidson Sport Glide was introduced in 2018 as the 9th model in the softtail line of motorcycles. With a mix of both dyna and touring to make the bike the ultimate around town and long haul mixture for those that take the occasional long trip but ride local alot. With the factory 107 big twin and the 6 speed trans mated with electronic cruise control the highway doesn't seem unrealistic on this motorcycle! Now when you want to rip around town and take it down a knotch the quick detach bags make it more sleek and sporty! The sport glide features forward controls for the stretched out comfort for the longer ride and come from factory with a small fairing on the front to split the wind for a more relaxed and comfortable ride! On the Harley Davidson Sport Glide you certainly won't be dissapointed with the ride and comforts of this softtail!

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