The Indian Roadmaster is the touring Indian with a young man's taste and an older mans wisdom in one motorcycle. Balanced between cool and comfort with a fairing, saddlebags and a 111 in powerplant. You will have the perfect handful of freedom crushing adventure seeking machine you dreamed of owning. The Roadmaster is a Chieftain with an added trunk, front fairing lowers, heated seats, heated grips, LED headlights, passenger floorboards, and a rear crash bar. Indian Motorcycle manufacturing Company went bankrupt and out of business in 1953, but Polaris Industries bought the company's assets and mow markets multiple Find Indian Roadmaster motorcycles for sale here, our used Indian Roadmaster inventory includes de-fleeted rental bikes, fresh dealer trades, off lease, bank repossessions, and motor company executive employee program bikes all freshly serviced and ready to roll. Inquire about our financing options.

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