Burkes Repo Outlet was established in 2006 by the Burke brothers. As a place where a motorcycle enthusiast like you could have a nice selection of used V-Twin motorcycles at an affordable price that could only be offered by a very low overhead business. With that in mind we began to make sales and friends. Our growth was moderate in the first few years as the economy was going through a major reset! In that time, my twin brother and business partner decided to make a change in career paths and I, Darin Burke, became the sole owner of Burkes Repo Outlet. I had to make a choice, and went with my passion.

Not long after that I had a meeting with an overzealous, ambitious young salesman who had been displaced in the economic downturn. I needed him and he needed me so we struck a deal. This young salesman, Jason Sigler, assured me we would be selling 10 units on a Saturday afternoon in no time. That’s the overzealous part, this little fella was a real go getter! We put together an advertising campaign, and started to develop relationships with a warranty company and banks to finance our customers. We were selling these in high demand V-Twin bikes so cheap the bank sent members from the board of directors to make sure we were real. And they bought our dinner ending with a big high five and more new friends!

Well, sales started increasing, and Jason noticed we had a weak link, our tech wasn’t going to be able to keep up with his currently unrealized ambition. I went on a little vacation, and received a phone call from Jason saying he had gathered up all my techs tools and fired him, oh crap! The good thing is that this led to hiring Burkes Repo Outlet’s new tech, Billy Utter who turned out to be another invaluable piece of the puzzle. Billy’s mechanical abilities have always exceeded our needs. He is amazing! When it comes to maintenance or adding the latest upgrades he is on top of the game!

Some time after that, I met the girl who later became my wife and the glue that holds this all together. Tracey handles public relations, event planning, apparel, motorcycle sales and all loose ends.

And as Jason promised, sales continued growing so we found ourselves in need of a part time sales person for those Saturdays Jason was talking about. Rick Good was brought on board to help and hit the ground running. He had the sales and personal motorcycle experience to help guide customers to the American V-twin that matches their personality and riding style.

With all of this we needed a little more help for Billy and found a customer and friend that would fit in just right. Terry Lindsey has become a huge asset to our wide variety of needs. He covers all the bases from detailing motorcycles to sales associate and final customer check out.

This is the 6-person team that took us to 500 bikes a year and beyond! We surpassed all our goals even the 10 units in one day that Jason proposed! And gained the ability to offer some of the best financing terms in the business. Along with a full warranty to protect us and our customers from costly repairs.

Our philosophy is simple, keep our expense low and pass the savings on to you, the customer! We have truly mastered that concept giving us the constant ability to sell Harley Davidson and Indian bikes cheaper than our competitors! If you live within 150 miles of us and you mention buying a Harley or Indian our name is almost guaranteed to come up in the conversation. That kind of advertising can’t be bought, it’s earned!

Our biggest hurdle now is “THESE PRICES ARE TO GOOD TO BE TRUE” But once a customer’s curiosity brings them in to see for themselves we both win! As I often say, “we sell American V-Twin motorcycles cheaper than anyone on the planet”. The best compliment we can get is a customer referral and those referrals make up about 90% of our sales. To all our customers past and present THANK YOU FOR GIVING US THE OPPORTUNITY TO EARN YOUR BUSINESS!!

Darin Burke


Bike: Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special

Email: sales@burkesrepooutlet.com

Jason Sigler

Sales & Finance

Bike: Heritage Softail Classic

Email: sales@burkesrepooutlet.com

Bill Utter

Service Manager

Bike: Indian Chieftain

Email: service@burkesrepooutlet.com

Tracey Clark

Event Coordinator / Sales

Bike: Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited

Email: sales@burkesrepooutlet.com

Rick Good


Bike: Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Email: sales@burkesrepooutlet.com

Terry Lindsey


Bike: Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited

Email: sales@burkesrepooutlet.com

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